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Todas las revoluciones comienzan en La Cocina

Elevate Latine-centered knowledge that heals and transforms the lives of individuals and communities most impacted by systemic inequity and trauma.


De Mano-A-Mano

Our Liberation-based professional training program for Latine-serving teams that deliver culturally-affirming

peer-to-peer social-emotional support.


La Red

Our national capacity-building network and community of practice of Latine supervisors and trainers who seek to codesign reflective affinity spaces that re-humanize supervision and/or consultation models.


¡Somos FAVAS!

Spanish-language capacity building for Latine FFN’s (Friends, Family & Neighbors) who provide childcare services in their homes.

La Cocina’s liberation-based approach to training and practicing makes it possible for our multicultural Spanish-speaking teams to provide culturally affirming support that heals and transforms the lives of Latines across their lifespans. 
Go ahead!  Look around and discover how La Cocina is making a difference.


Father Holding Twins

For families with infants and young children ages

0-6 years old.

For Denver-based birthing families and parents with infants and babies

0-18 months old.

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I have been living with anxiety for six years. I went to many therapists and doctors, and even though they were somewhat helpful, I never felt “that” connection with them. Thanks to life and destiny, I began therapy in La Cocina.


It has changed my life to have a therapist who understands my language and my culture and who works to help me progress and overcome my traumas and fears.

- La Cocina client

When you give to La Cocina, you support the social and emotional needs of Latine immigrants and refugees,  including birthing families, infants, children, youths and their families, and individuals whose primary language is Spanish and whose basic needs include healing their hearts and minds from the systemic, and multi-generational impacts of trauma and displacement. 


If you seek change that transforms and heals our Latine communities, donate now to La Cocina.

If you're struggling,
help is only one step away. 

Colorado State & Local Hotlines
for Suicide Prevention & Emotional Crisis

Call 1-844-493-8255
Text “TALK” to 38255
Walk-in Crisis Service Locations
Colorado Crisis Services

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3701 Mlk Jr. Boulevard

Clayton Early Learning Center

Denver, CO 80205


116 East Oak Street
Fort Collins, CO 80524

9:00 a.m - 5.30 p.m
Tel. 970.232.0740

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