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Tejedoras de La Red

Introducing La Red’s next innovation: Tejedoras de La Red

Tejedoras de La Red, or La Red Weavers in English, is La Cocina’s specialized and in-depth training designed for Latine supervisors, mentors, and team leads ready to deepen into the technical and practice-specific LiBRC (Liberation-based Reflective Consultation) framework.


Born directly out of feedback gleaned during La Red’s first cohort, Tejedoras de La Red is the only fully bilingual (Spanish and English), in-depth training on how to skillfully facilitate supervision and/or support groups in which culturally-affirming content and reflective processes must be well balanced with empathic professional support, invitational competencies, and expert facilitation skills that improve the overall health and wellbeing of teams of helpers and their members.


Meet Las Tejedoras

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