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“We have to be visible. We are not ashamed of who we are.”
 Silvia Rivera

All Hands In


Our liberation-based professional training program for Latine-serving teams that deliver culturally-affirming peer-to-peer social-emotional support

La Cocina is delighted to support mental health navigation and promotion teams with an intensive, fully bilingual (Spanish-English) peer-to-peer training program to introduce teams supporting our Latine communities’ social and emotional wellbeing to culturally-affirming navigation, promotion, and consultation services.


Fully designed “By Latines-For Latines,” La Cocina’s De Mano-A-Mano training intensive is for Latine-serving teams ready to approach direct services from a reflective lens that promotes self-care, self-compassion, increased individual and team reflective capacity and creativity, and a liberation-based approach to one-on-one and group consultation, facilitation and accompaniment.


Program Requirements & Enrollment Benefits


Trainees must be part of a working team comprised of at least three team members working together for a common purpose and offering direct, peer-to-peer support services in Latine communities. Larger teams are welcome to apply; however, please know that the cost of training will vary based on the number of trainees enrolled as part of each team.


Additionally, La Cocina will provide 24-hours of group LiBRC (Liberation-Based Reflective Consultation) with La Cocina’s expert LiBRC consultants and trainers. Teams enrolled in the program must attend two LiBRC sessions per month; each session is 90-minutes, with most sessions delivered over Zoom or via a hybrid model, depending on each team’s location.


Participants must complete two practice-based assignments, including video review. As part of these assignments, cohort members will give and receive feedback, including valuable expert feedback from their lead LiBRC trainers/facilitators at La Cocina, and as part of the De Mano-A-Mano critical feedback and harm-prevention model.


78 professional training hours completed over eight months.


La Cocina will provide direct instruction over five training intensives held at La Cocina’s offices in Denver, Colorado. Training intensives will begin in March 2024. In all, participants will enjoy access to 46 direct training hours.


Eight individual (1-1) LiBRC coaching sessions with expert LiBRC group facilitators. These coaching and 1-1 consultation sessions are offered to support participants with completing their case presentations, and to provide space for expert feedback on case-management overall.


Teams enrolled in De Mano-A-Mano will receive an invitation and a 15% discount to La Cocina’s 2024 LiBRC Conferencia—the ONLY fully bilingual (Spanish-English) professional conference completely dedicated to community-based, culturally-affirming, Latine social and emotional health and wellness.


Please ask us about a “large-team” discount for teams of five+ program participants. 

Learn more about De Mano-A-Mano Latine “Peer-to-Peer” Training and Liberation-Based Reflective Consultation Cohort Training schedule here.  Please note that all training will be conducted in Spanish and English. Find the De Mano-A-Mano information in Spanish by clicking here

Team discounts may apply to teams of five or more program participants*.

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